Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mail Art in Paris

 I did 2 cards early this morning, and two cards in the early afternoon.  For the first series, I used a show card from the Korean artist who had a exhibit that opening this week.
 I torn the show card in half to get two standard postcard sized bases. Someone had left an old (1990) art auction catalog in the atelier. I used that to find art work to use on top of the show card. I added the small labels and my date stamp.
 This second series uses show cards by another Korean artist, who has an exhibit at a Gallery in Village St.Paul. Again, I used a painting from the auction catalog, tearing it in half and using each half on a separate show card.
I'm quite pleased with the results.


Barbara said...

quite wonderful, these cards!
it's 12:53 a.m. 1/12/2012 in Chitown USA. we're hours apart...thinking of you!
xo, bb

Jan said...

Hi Mim! So you're back in Paris. Lucky! Love your art, as always. Hope we can get together when you return.