Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday, out and about after French class

 After my French class we started out for a walk to an area where there were a lot of galleries. Along the way, we came to a florist shop, oh but there were shoes in the window, it was a shoe shop - a shoe shop/florist! What a nice combination! Even though it was quite chilly, the flowers were out waiting to be purchased.
 Everywhere I go, I have to be mindful not to twist and ankle! I love the old courtyards and streets, but even in a solid shoe they are treacherous. I can't imagine how some women walk over them in high heels.
 Autolib' - There were four spots marked with this and four numbered metal posts, where one uses their pass card to get electric recharge and then GO! This was the first time I'd seen anything like this. All of the vehicles were gone so I guess it's useful.
This older woman was stopped in the street in front of us. I loved her blue coat and matching gloves, with her white knit hat and brown boots. She went on her way shortly after I snapped her photo.
 We went to see the exhibit at Galerie Karsten Greve. They were showing a huge amount of work by James Castle, who was a naive artist from Idaho, in the U.S. We'd seen some of his work before and have a book of it, but this was work we hadn't seen before.
This was a nice surprise. In a small shop/gallery we saw these "shoes" on a glass shelf in the window. We glanced then went back and looked again. They are wonderfully painted old wooden shoe forms. There were two more shelves. One had baby shoes on it. I'm sorry that I didn't fotograph the name of the artist. They are wonderful illustrations.

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