Saturday, January 07, 2012

Day 4, Saturday

 I've started to play with my little traveling water color set. It has a specific limited palette, which is okay for me. I decided that I'd do some coloring book imaginary landscapes.
 Here is the man who makes St. Michel Galettes. I love that they are putting the makers' faces on the packages. Buy local!
 Here's some mail art I made, altering a photo. The title is: "Mom chose the party hats. They weren't happy with her her choices. They were hoping for something simpler."
 Here's our milkman. Buy local, wherever you are.
 We didn't get up until noon today, having gotten to sleep finally at 2 a.m. Yikes. It's supposed to get better not worse. We are so turned around clock-wise. This is what the view was at noon. Later in the afternoon we had a bit of sun, while we were out for our walk.
 I made this salad last night. The haricot verts were delicious; I had to boil them as I have no steamer here, but they turned out great. The beets and carrots came prepared like that. We are happy eating salad, having bread, and cheese. Oh, and a bit of wine.
 Here is my honey opening the mail I got from my friend Val, that said "DO NOT OPEN." Val said that Chuck should open it. and he did. What a riot. So funny.
It had an old document in it, which Val had added to, but in the end, this is what it was about. I hadn't sent Val mail art and was getting fined, or I was getting fined for opening the  mail art. In any case, Val cracks me up. I think Chuck will have to pay the fine as the "opener." What do you think?

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