Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday, the archives and Mail Art and food.

 The National Archives are located not too far from where we are. This afternoon, the courtyard was open and there was an exhibit installed along the arcade. In the middle was a photo booth, which caught Chuck's attention and drew us in. For 2€ I got a photo of myself as a "suspect."
 The exhibit was of identity cards and passports from 1917 until the 1960s. It was very interesting, surprisingly.
 A close up of one of the large posters along the arcade.
 I brought my 9B pencil with me and enjoyed making piece of Mail Art with it. The circles were made using an aquarelle pencil in green.
 No one knows, except Mona, why she is attracted to light houses. Who knew that the needlework catalog left in the storage room would come in so handy.
 Mona showed off her latest needlework creations. These are destined to me housewarming gifts, no doubt.
 Last night, I made salmon (that came from Scotland) and potatoes for dinner. I don't have an oven, or broiler, so I made the salmon in a frying pan. I sear that bottom then lower the heat and cover the pan. It works well.
On our walk back from the trip to the galleries, we stopped at the boulangerie recommended by someone, and got a pain au raisin and an abricot viennoise. We decided that we don't like this one as much as another bakery nearby. Not to say these were not delicious, and certainly better than we get back home, but we are getting to be very picky about our pastries!

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Anonymous said...

the pastry on the left has a face...you know, like those goofy things they call DOGS.
xo, bb