Friday, January 13, 2012

Update of Thursday.

 Yesterday, after my French class, we did some errands, like laundrmat, eyeglass shop, BHV to see about printing digi prints, and stopped at a small boutique to say hello to the owner, whom we'd met a few years ago. She has a small boutique with ceramics and hand made jewelry and has this cute faced heater!
 Here are more of my tiny landscapes in progress. 2" x 3" (5.8cm-7.3cm appx) So far, I have 34 more to complete.
 When we were at Centre Pompidou the other day, I found a souvenir shop with inexpensive tourist postcard, 10 for 1,50€. I got a lot of Mona. I will go back there and get some more as I'm having such fun with them.
 The catalog for needle-point that I cut up is coming in very handy for giving Mona something to hold.
 On the way back from errands yesterday, we stopped at a bakery for a baguette and some pastry to have after dinner.
These were quite delicious. You can see that we shared them.


"E" - Ambassadeur d'Utopia said...

Hi Mim,
A mona for Utopia ?

latebloomerbuds said...

You inspire us in so many ways my friend. I don't even know where to begin listing them. Margie