Thursday, January 19, 2012

Catch up

 I took no photos today - I had French class this morning, then we had an appointment with the now-retired, but still present, wonderful President of the Cité. After that, we went to get the "detaxe" form at the eyeglass shop (long story.) No photos, however, I took a photo of the kettle last night. In order to use it, to make hot water, we have to unplug the hot plate, which means I can't cook and make hot water at the same time. We have limited outlets. It's good for us to be challenged like this.
 We went to celebrate our good meeting with Mme B. My honey, Anne (the photographer from Sweden) and I went to happy hour at La Perla. We had Margheritas for half price!
This is Mail Art I made yesterday, using some of the used up tickets from the metro. I have many more as resource material.
 The box from pasta came in useful for this collage Mail Art.
 This is rue Pavée, with me walking back from getting more postcards of Mona Lisa at the book shop Monalisait, yesterday. See the carousel in the distance?

I'm working on a project using the Mona Lisa cards. I'll take a photo of them when I get further along. Today, I made four pieces. This is going to be amusing, at least for me.

I passed by the chantier (work site) near Metro St. Paul. They've begun to break up the paving stones, preparing for the new plantings. I think we'll be here long enough to see the results.

Today, the weather was mild, but it was a typical gray, drizzly day. I like the way the city looks when it's gray like this. The light flattens things out. Distances appear changed. Tomorrow, I'll take my camera when we go out in the morning to meet a friend for coffee.

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Margie said...

I cannot believe the social life you have there Mim! You know so many people. You do more in Paris than we do here at home for goodness sake. So wonderful.