Saturday, January 21, 2012

The dinner party and more

 Here's the dinner party, just before we started to eat. We moved the little work table that the computer is usually on, to the end of the dining table, which C had moved into the middle of the room. It worked out great. We borrowed a chair from our neighbor in order to seat 5 people.
 Our friends brought an epiphany gallette made with almond paste, what's called a King's cake in the U.S. The baker included the gold crown. K got the little porcelaine figure but left the crown for us. The gallette was yummy.
 This is the card that I got from the photo booth at the Archives the other day. C suggested that I choose the SUSPECT card, though POET tempted me.
 We went to see the Jean-Paul Goude exhibit at Musee des Arts Decoratifs. It was really exciting for us. We enjoyed seeing his sketches, his actually pieces of work, and his process for creating.  I ejoyed the cut apart photos. They reminded me of the project we used to give our students.
This train was set up in the middle of the grand hall. Enormous. It was used in the bi-centennial parade in Paris. I was fascinated by this enormous presence and kept thinking "how did they get it into the space." There were videos showing it going down the street, all kinds of parade activities, really spectacular. Finally, I asked the guard - the train, is it real, is it metal, how did they get it in here?  (spoiler) His response - it's not real, it's wood, they brought it in pieces.

I was still impressed because it sure looked real! The exhibit was huge and very interesting, both the work and the installation.

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