Monday, January 16, 2012

Another sunny day!

 The sun is extremely bright today and it's quite chilly outdoors. It looks much warmer than it is. We took a walk today, noticing the sharp shadows on the buildings, glad we had enough layers of clothing and hadn't forgotten our gloves.
 I crossed the Pont Marie to go to La Poste but there was no one to wait on people at the stamp desk, so I went to La Poste in the Marais. There are so many of them within walking distance, it's such a pleasure for a Mail Artist.
 On the way to La Post on rue Pavée, we stopped in at Mona Lisait (bookstore) which is full of wonderful books at lowered prices. One must be very careful not to get too distracted by such fabulous items or one could break one's ankle. Notice the "floor" which is just the paving stones of the former passage way that is now the shop. We got a super book on collage that we'd not see before. This is also the best buy on Mona Lisa postcards - 12 for 2€, as I mentioned before. They do have other postcards, not just Mona.
 We stopped at the Orange telephone and photo developing store and chose some of my honey's photos to have enlarged. We've decided to have an Open Studio before we depart.  After that, we went to the market for and got some Poilâine bread for lunch. It's nice for us that they carry it at the market and we don't have to make the trek to the shop, though we will do that one day, also.
 Last night, I wasn't sure what I'd make for dinner as the cupboard was pretty bare. The previous resident had left some of these packets. I wasn't sure what they were but Alsacienne's are maybe a pancake? The ingredients: pyrophosphate de sodium, bicarbonate de sodium, et farine de blé. Okay, I know it's baking soda, some flour, and ? maybe baking powder?
So I beat up a couple eggs, some milk, some flour (left by the previous person) and some of the packet. Voila, I had a sort of thicker crèpe. I folded them in half with some chevre inside. Sorry no photo as we dug right into them and they were delicious. We garnished with apricot preserve. My honey says that I'm such a creative cook. Nice to be appreciated.

I made a double landscape for some mail art to send to a friend who is a landscape artist par excellence.
She can cut each of them out to frame, should she wish to do so, or leave as they are. I was thinking that next time, I can leave them sans color, like a coloring book, for her to complete. Hmmm, an idea!

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latebloomerbuds said...

Mim! I haven't been checking in as I thought you were incommunicado for your entire trip. If only I could subscribe and I would know when you post!!! Yours is the only one I can't subscribe to and it makes me crazy! Sorry pal, you've heard me whine about this before, but I just don't like missing your posts.

Loving the photos and your landscapes mail art are so lovely. Your lunch sounds divine.

Off to read the rest of the posts I missed.

Best wishes in Paris, Margie