Monday, January 09, 2012

Day 5, Market day

 Yesterday, we went to the market on Richard Lenoir, aka Bastille market. There was this wonderful duo with terrific voices. The little girl in pink was swaying with the music.
 Here's what I purchased at the market. I was happy to see the simit (the round sesame seed bread) like in Istanbul. The long cucumbers were 2 for $1.27, inexpensive.  What a feast. And I found some repro postcards.
 Leaving the market we saw these pigeons taking a bath in the water that was pumped out to clean the streets.
 In the evening, we took the bus to our friends place up by Pere Lachaise cemetery, and went to a restaurant for dinner. I chose the couscous.
 Notice the lovely vegetables. There was a small bowl of chickpeas, another of white raisins, and some harissa for spicing it all up.
Afterwards, we went back to our friends' place for some Armanac (spelling?)
We decided to walk "home" rather than take the metro, as the buses had quit for the night. It's not a long walk, only 2.4 miles, though it seemed longer. Probably because it was pretty quiet and very few people were out. We stuck to the wide, busier streets. This is the Mairie of the 10th or the 11th or whatever arrondisement we were walking through. It was a nice night, and we enjoyed the walk. We got "home" by midnight, ready to sleep well.

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