Thursday, January 19, 2012

A rainy day

 I got up in the dark, but it was already 8 a.m.!! It's raining and gray now, but the temperature is like spring, 50F. Wow. Crazy, right?  I'm off to French class shortly, but wanted to show you some things.
This is what came in the mail yesterday from my friend Andrea. A packet full of goodies that I can use in my mail art. She knows I came empty handed. What a treasure trove. Plus some of her Weather-grams. I put three of them up on the board in the Cite already.
 This is at the other Cite Internationale Universitaire. It has a beautiful campus and right across from the big park Mont Souris. It was raining when we got there last night. We went to the Theatre de la Cite to see a performance by Jamie Adkins. What fun! We took the RER to get there which is good practice for when we take it to get to the airport next week for our trip to Bilbao.
 Here's one of the pieces of Mail Art that I made yesterday. I just can't stop making.  This one has a show card as the base, part of a painting from a catalog, and part of a sticker. I brought my small hole punch, so I can add those dots for movement.
 After seeing the performance last night, we stopped at Pizza MoMo and got a pizza to go. They make them right there in front of you, they're small compared to U.S. pizza's of course, and very delicious. It was a perfect thing to eat on a rainy night, at our little table, overlooking the Seine.
 This is what I often make for lunch or dinner. There are several non-meat varieties available and none of them have msg. The flavors are ones not available at home. These, too, are perfect for gloomy and/or chilly days.

 A bientot, off to French class.


chris said...

Have loved following your adventures in Paris & am totally envious. How much longer do you have there? Am really loveing your Mona Lisas - she was obviously a very talented lady - all the needlework she accomplished - stunning!

PamelaArtsinSF said...

I love making Knorr soup when I stay in Paris -- and you're right -- the flavors are totally different from any we have here. I think my favorite was a pumpkin one.....