Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mail Art outgoing, Tuesday

 It's early, for me. Since we've been here I've had trouble getting up, and getting to sleep, too. BUT I set the alarm and got up before 8 a.m. It's new sheets day so I have to strip the beds and take the sheets downstairs to get new ones.
And it's, also, my first French class at 10h30. yay. I'm doing better than I thought remembering vocab and getting tenses correct. Way better, which I attribute to my Spanish classes and meet-up. yay.

Here are the pieces of mail art that I made last night, while my honey was on the computer. We are learning to share one device.
 We walked by the tiny theatre: Point Virgule, and picked up some of their advertising post cards. They are perfect for altering. We can't attend any performances  there as they're usually comedy pieces and all in French, bien sur.
 I used water color pencils for this landscpe, and some graphite. I'll be interested in seeing where I end up with these imaginary landscapes. I've already done two sheets of four each for the art-o-mat project. This one is standard postcard size.
 On our walk last night, I spotted this spotty shoe. Love it. Actually, I'm crazy about lots of the shoes in this town. I can't wear high heels anymore, oh I could, but my feet would yell at me, but I can imagine them on my feet.
I taped one of my friend Katerina's envelopes to the wall by the door of the studio so I'd remember to take the mail to the post box. They've removed the one in front of the Cite so I have to carry these a bit further.  I'm going to start to take photos of the Post Offices that I go to, hoping that it's not a security thingy and get questioned.

The street lights have been turned off, the sky is getting brighter, morning begins.

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