Sunday, January 22, 2012

Saturday, more goings on.

 On the way to meet our friend M. for coffee by Bastille, we saw these odd cars on rue St. Antoine, which by the way was jammed with tourists. We had to worm our way through the crowds and were a bit late. Who knew there'd be a traffic jam of people!?  We had coffee and gelato at Amorici, a nice visit, and by the time we said our "a bientôts", it was getting dark out.
 At we crossed the area where the Sunday market is on rue Richard Lenoir, C spotted something - little booths set up with artists' wares. We walked the length of one side, saw two artists' work we liked, one does collage and the other paintings. I chatted a bit with each of them. We hope they made a sale or two.
 Here's the carousel that was ready to start up.
 There was a gathering of Egyptian young people, but we didn't know what it was about as they were doing speeches in French and Arabic. Notice the woman crossing the street with her guitar on her back. We see lots of people with guitar and violincello cases, like this, on their backs. Oh, that's the statue in the middle of the Bastille round about.
We stopped for a baguette, had some bread and cheese, then went off with our neighbor to a concert at a church. We had to take 2 metros and got off at Solferino, not knowing where we were, went the wrong direction (my doing) in the drizzle, had to reverse, rushing so we wouldn't be late. We weren't. The concert was wonderful. See separate post about it.
After the concert, we stopped at a cafe, where I had a vin chaud (hot mulled wine.) Perfect for a dark, chilly, damp night. We took the metros back and popped into another cafe for a coffee.

Wow, caffeine at 10h45 p.m. Guess who was up very late reading last night?

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Sounds delightful my friend.