Friday, January 20, 2012

Visiting and some surprise mail

 This morning, we walked over to the 11th arrondisement to have breakfast with our friend M, who's come over from Ireland to visit us and other friends. It was a nice walk, but I missed the street due to the page in my map book, having the street appear to be connected to another. It wasn't, but looked that way because of the gutter of the book. We asked for directions of a man on a motorcycle, who was doing something with his phone. Turned out he was a police officer and spoke English, and said, "I love America, I was in Los Angeles to learn about police motorcycles." Besides his police job, he has a service of driving people or taking them on motorcycles, and gave us his card. He'll give us a tour on motorcycle, he and his friend. COOL!!

We were very close to where we had be, just a bit late but had a nice conversation & the potential for a motorcyle ride around town. Here's the church that was the landmark.

 View from the window into the courtyard of the apartment our friend rented.
 This is so typically French, right? With the houses all backing into a courtyard space.
 When I went downstairs in the morning, I was handed a form saying that something had postage due and I could pick it up at La Poste Hotel de Ville. During the morning walk, we discussed what it might be. Oh a packet of goodies perhaps, as 1,55 euro was due on it.
After a late lunch, we went to Hotel de Ville. Oh, an envelope (#10 in USA) with NO stamp on it.
See the empty space in the corner? It's from my friend Val, who lives in the south of France. He's  prolific mailer but somehow managed to forget about a stamp. We are going to tease him mercilessly when we see him in February.
So, I paid the U.S. equivalent of $2 to receive this envelope. I don't want to open it immediately, but savor the possibilities of what it could hold.

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Margie said...

What fun! A cycle ride around the city and a surprise package. Margie