Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 12, almost a 2 weeks in Paris!

 La Poste offices are in old buildings but have been "modernized." This one is near Les Archives. I have to go to one again tomorrow. One of my big indulgences - postage stamps!
 Mail Art using a show card from an exhibit that has passed. Now I'm seeing a couple of eyes peering out at me!
 This is another of the Mona card alterations. I'm having a lot of fun with these and glad that I saved the petit-point patterns catalogue. I bought another dozen Mona cards from the book shop Monalisait, which has a different version and a better price, 12 cards for 2€. We (my honey and I, have a plan for them.)
 Here's the view from Centre Pompidou looking towards Mont Martre. What nice weather we had for that day. I love how the light and shadows effect the pattern of the buildings.
Folks from Richmond are in Paris for a few days and met up with us for dinner. We went back to Le Trumilou. Here's my dinner, which was quite tasty.
The Tarte de Pomme, shared by my honey and I, was yummy. It had a berry sauce drizzled on the plate. 
We aren't going out to eat very often. I'm making simple meals in our tiny kitchen, frequently just a salad with cheese and baguette. We eat it, sitting at the table which we've placed by the window, with the view of the Seine and the Ile St. Louis. It's so good.

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Sounds heavenly Mim. Margie