Wednesday, January 04, 2012

We're HERE!!

 Finally, on our way!
We left Richmond, VA yesterday later than expected. Scheduled departure: 4h30, actual departure 5h15! Why? We start to taxi out to the runway, then the pilot comes on saying that there is a problem with a passenger being buckled in and we have to return to the gate. !!! Turns out some woman couldn't get her child to buckle up! They were in the back of the plane, we were closer to the front. The child was screaming hysterically. We were thinking maybe it was sick and thinking if the child does this all the way to Atlanta the other passengers are going to be going crazy!The flight attendant finally called the pilot and told him what was going on and he made the decision to put them off the plane. We were late into Atlanta and some people were going to miss their connection. But people were so relieved that they didn't have to listen to shrieking the whole way. Luckily, we had plenty of time for our continuing flight to Paris.

 We did get to see some gorgeous sunset at the airport while waiting to take off.
 I shot this out of the window as we were landing in Atlanta. It's so festive!
 Here's all of the mail waiting for us at the Cite when we arrived. We were at reception, filling out the paperwork, and they handed us this. I think they were pretty awed by it! Mail from Katerina, Val, Mary, Emmy, Kerri, & Annie. Wow, we are so fortunate - to be in Paris and to get so much wonderful mail.

After we set up the studio, which is a living and working in space. We went to sleep for a couple hours. We got up and went shopping for dinner. Here are some of the things we bought and there is Traveling HiMonkey in the midst of the dinner fixings.


PamelaArtsinSF said...

So happy to see you are finally there! Why didn't I think to send you mail ahead?

Anke Martin said...

HI Mim, glad you made it finally to Europe! Lot's of obstacles in your way so far, so hopefully no more from now on! Smiles, from the neighbour country, Anke :)

Found art blog said...

Oh I love your pilot!! Wish more of 'em would ditch shrieking kids!!! If you can email me an temp address, I can send you stuff too?

Paula said...

Don't stop posting -- I'm living my lifelong dream vicariously through you!

latebloomerbuds said...

I am caught up. I went from most current to oldest, but that is okay. I have been throughly entertained by your daily tour. Mim, again, you are an inspiration. Sending love to you and your honey, Margie