Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Some images of Paris & Mail Art

 I've been making mail art pretty regularly, though not sending it out on the day that I make it because I carry it in my pocket and forget to drop it in the mail box. So it goes. This is number 819.
 Using exhibition show cards as my base, scavenging images from the old Sotheby's auction house catalogue, and some bits of text, is quite satisfying.
 Yesterday, we went in search of La Maison du Chocolate to buy a gift for someone who's invited us for lunch. This is the view of the escalators in the grand department store, Le Bon Marché. I love this view and have taken it over and over. We introduced it to our friend Anne.
 This is the array of dried fruits and nuts that we purchased today at the store two streets up from us, called Izraël. We were told that it has the best selection and it does. I did get a bit claustrophobic as it's a tiny shop. I was afraid I'd knock into something or someone. The almonds coated in toasted sesame seeds are quite delicious.
 We stopped in the MEP to see the current expositions. Wonderful photographs by a number of different artists, plus a group of photos from the collection of a large bank in Brazil. The courtyard is a zen garden.
 This is at Le Bon Marché. There was a set up of perfumes that one could try out, spray on papers, there was no attendent, just the perfumes and paper. So here was this group of three older women, huddled around trying out the scents. It became a bit overwhelming so we had to hurry past and I turned to snap this image.
Returning from the theatre on Monday night, we got off the train at the Notre-Dame exit (RER) and walked the rest of the way, even though it was chilly. This is the view looking up at the towers from right out front. There was hardly anyone around, it was so quiet, and silvery.

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