Saturday, February 18, 2012

Some photos from our promenees

 This is a small corner of the huge book section of BHV (Bazaar de l'Hotel de Ville.) Imagine, a big department store that still has a book store in it! Amazing. This is no longer the situation in the United States, sadly.
 This shoe was in the window of a frips shop, second hand and vintage clothing, accessories, etc. What era do you think these are from?
 These are in the window of a small shop on rue Pavee, that carries shoes from Sweden. They just changed up the display to show warm weather shoes. I really like these a lot.
 We stopped into a small cafe by the Metro St. Paul. There are three in a row. We picked the one that looked like it had the most local people in it. Good choice. This is an omelette with goat cheese and potatoes in it. It was quite good and we sat next to a woman, who does photography, and had a lovely conversation with her.
 This is such a lovey line of trees, in the Palais Royal garden. This is the beauty of French gardens, the lines. Around this area, are many shops, including Serge Lutens, the perfumerie. Amazing, small inside with purple walls, and black display stands, and lots of interesting scents.
 This shoe was in a shop in Palais Royal! Can you imagine walking in that shoe? Not me! That said, I'm still attracted to fancy shoes.
After walking around Palais Royale, we walked over to the Tuileries. This line of trees was so typical. The sky was threatening rain, but we were happy to be out walking around. There was a group of men playing Boules, down in the garden to the right of me. They were having a big discussion about about it, with a measuring device.

The air got colder, the wind picked up, we walked quickly to the metro and headed back chez nous, to our warm studio, and some hot tea, with a pack of Serge Luten samples to remember our day by, and lots of photos.


Margie said...

Hi Dear Mim!

Love that shot of the tree line. It's beaut!

Azurafae said...

You would love my fancy shoe collection.