Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday - only 2 more weeks!

 The courtyard of the Swedish Cultural Institute yesterday. Too cold to sit outside, so we ended up having lunch at Le Tartine again. I really enjoy eating there as the waiter is quite friendly and jokes around. We had lunch with a couple who teach in the states, whom we met at the residents' reception on Wednesday. This is our first time meeting Americans since we're here. We had a nice lunch, then they went off to Bibliotheque Forney and we went back to look at the exhibit at the Institute. Since it's the 100th anniversary of the death of Auguste Strindberg, the exhibit was his life/work interpreted by several illustrators of B.D. (graphic novels.) It was really interesting, even if we couldn't read Swedish.
 The exhibits are always so interesting there. Besides the actual illustrations as in the books, there were these large cut-outs. I like how they did them flat and then the cross piece to make them stand up. Like I used to do when I was a child and would make cut-out dolls.
 After this exhibit, we went around to rue Thorigny to see several other galleries, here, here, and here. We saw work that we liked a lot, which was a nice change from the other day when we were unimpressed with work at another gallery. I the evening, we met up with friends at Lelia Mordoch Gallerie. We liked the work in show, got to see Lelia with her new son, drank nice champagne, spoke about art, and got to meet and speak (in Spanish) with an artist originally from Valencia, Spain. We had dinner afterwards with our friends, then, because we felt so full, decided to walk back to our place. It wasn't as bitter cold, we walked fast, and before we knew it, turned a corner and there was Notre Dame. Chuck said "I know where we are!" We were nearly back to our very warm atelier.
 Mail art using a show card as the base.
 This is a card that I picked up at Karsten Greve last week. I cut the card in half and made 2 pieces of mail art. You can see the complete card on the Karsten Greve gallery link. I added one new head and eyes. I wish I had another card like this so I could do one with new mouths.
Here are the little landscapes I've been working on. I'll have over 50 completed by the time we leave. When I get home, they'll be mounted on blocks of wood and sent off the the Art-o-Mat project.
I two weeks, at this time, I'll be in the airport, Charles de Gaulle, waiting for the boarding call. Hard to believe that this time has gone by so quickly. Now to get out there and appreciate the city. It's sunny!!(21F)

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