Saturday, February 04, 2012

Out and about in the cold.

 Yesterday, we went off in the chilly weather to see the Musée de l'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris! What a mouthful, right?  It was free as it's being renovated and only part of the permanent collection is visible. That said, we saw work that we hadn't seen there before, so it was a treat.
 Some young people were taking advantage of an empty area in the courtyard to practice skateboard moves.
 Today, we went to a brocante, antiques fair. It's in a large commercial space across the Seine from the Bercy sports park. The interesting thing that my honey noted from his many visits to these things in the states is that the food is very different. Not hot dogs and fries and Coca Cola; oh mais no, Wine, and cassoulet, and crèpes.
 I held my camera at my side and snapped photos as we walked along.
 One dealer had pens, inkwells, all things related to writing. Drool.
 Here's one of the crèpe makers at work.

There were many dealers in paper goods, magazines, labels, receipts, magazines, and books, really old books.

Mostly things were too expensive for us but we found a small notebook that was old but only 4 euro. And we got two almanacs from the 1920s for 5 euro each. I got some old stamps for 1 euro. It was fun.

Today's mail art (#828) used a card that Andrea sent me from the U.K. She already had the reverse prepared for me to add address and my rubber stamps. Thanks!

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Found art blog said...

Excellent! Glad they arrived! I have a whole stash of those - usually the advertising cards shoved through letterboxes - and if only they knew how they ended up!! BTW, I'm making a Paris journal so if you have any parisian used metro tickets/receipts/ general crap left at the end of your trip that you don't want to take home (as if!) please chuck it my way rather than the bin!!!!!