Friday, February 10, 2012

More on Friday

 We went to the 12th arrondisment to have lunch with our friend, D. He took us to the market on Reuilly, which was a lot of fun, though we were mighty chilled by the time we headed back to the apartment. Look at the selection of olives, and dried fruit. There was a rug dealer with lots of cool canes, too. The striped fabric reminded us of the art work of Daniel Buren, who used them as his inspiration.

 Here's the view from one of D's windows up on the 5th floor. Down below is a small park with a gazebo for concerts.
 D. made us a quiche with carrots, broccoli and orange. Delicious.
And for dessert, he made Crèpes Suzette. I think this is the first time we've had them. We've had other Crèpes,  but not with flaming Grand Marnier! You can't see the flames in my photo, but trust me they were there.
 This was delicious.
 Here's one of today's rather surrealist mail art cards. I'd been waiting for a chance to use the eyeball.  I'm showing it as a break before my tale of the movie we didn't see.
 We got home from D's, having taken a bus & getting off at Bastille, and walking the rest of the way, and decided we wanted to see a movie. Something fun, the Sherlock Holmes. The closest cinema showing it was at Forum des Halles. (A huge shopping mall, underground.) We walked there with plenty of time to make the 7h45 movie. Well, we descended into the crowds below the street and it was so chaotic for us, crowded. We worked our way to the cinema, which was the equivalent of several blocks away. There were people lined up to use machines to get tickets. We didn't want to deal with figuring out the French (or rather, I didn't) and we had cash, so we asked about where to buy tickets with cash. Downstairs, around the corner, long lines, oh no, we'd miss the start of the movie. We gave up. We just couldn't take the confusion and the crowds. So we walked back, at a slower pace.

As we passed some restaurants, my honey said he was thinking about dinner. I didn't want Pizza Momo, so we stopped at the mini Monoprix and got ready made sandwiches, crisps(chips,)chocolate cake and a Coca Cola. Yum, this is better than our anniversary dinner, where we shared one sandwich. We sure know how to enjoy ourselves. No kidding, this was fun for us.  Meanwhile, we'll try to see a movie tomorrow, at the cinema on Saint Germain, which is further but easier to deal with.  Some days we just can't take confusion, crowds, and/or chaos. What about you? Have you had those days?


Mary Has Sound said...


PS - great postcard!

Margie said...

That's why my honey and I go to matinees during the week! No lines and crowds for us if we can help it!

Found art blog said...

Oh, I'm the same way with crowds. I get claustrophobic with panic attacks. Glad you enjoyed your dinner out though!!!!