Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Update Paris! 9 days to go.

Brancusi's Atelier

In progress
 Paris is gray and drizzly this morning, seeming so perfectly Paris. It's warmer than it's been and feels almost spring-like. A long walk is definitely in today's plan.

Monday, we finally got to Brancusi's Atelier. Why we hadn't done this before is a mystery. It's nearby and it's free. We loved it, love it, loved it. Okay, get the picture? He gave his atelier and all it's contents to the France. It was reproduced on this site when the original site was going to be changed up. All the work is as it was in the original, everything is exact. When we were in Bilbao, we saw his work in the Guggenheim and now to see more of it. Oh the thrill. Do we like Brancusi's work? More than ever.

I've been continuing to do the tiny landscapes for the Art-o-Mat and will have over 50 of them completed before we head back home in NINE (9) days. I've enjoyed doing this and want to play more with both water color and water color pencils, when I'm home.

 Here's the carousel on the Place de Greve in front of l'Hotel de Ville. When we were walking back from seeing the Atelier, it was on. The ice rink is still in place, too. You can see a corner of it on the ride of the photo. I love how there are so many carousels in Paris.
 Yesterday, we had lunch with Mme B. at her wonderful apartment full of antiques. She served us Champagne in these glasses, called Champagnards. The bubbles come up only in the center, because of the shape. They're traditional Champagne glasses, not the flutes we use in the United States. I wonder if I can own a couple of these someday. Lunch was delicious. Cheese souffle like I've never had before. Actually, I've NEVER had it before. Yummy.

It was an experience we'll treasure, so wonderful to be invited to Mme B.'s home.

Here's some more mail art. I continue to make it and send it out. A passion, an addiction, a madness, it continues.
 On Sunday, we took a walk in the chill, all the way over to Place d'Aligre, where they have the market. On the return walk, passing a little boutique, I noticed this bag! Oh my, the Ikea fabric that I like so much. I've made a number of bags out of this same fabric, of course, in my own "pocket" style. The price for this is 60€ (USD  = $79) though I wonder if it'll really be sold for that. My "pockets" are a real deal by comparison. When I get home, I'll re-open my FritziMim, my Etsy shop.
Here's my work table. I'll be finishing up my Mona Lisa alterations during the next couple days. We'll be clearing things out and making the studio a gallery space for Saturday's Open Studio. But for now, here's where I work. I got a new hole punch and two tiny canvases with their own easels, and a new multi-size pencil sharpener. Fun new supplies.


Margie said...

Aw Mim, I loved this post...sigh. And remember what a wise person told me years ago about leaving some place wonderful:

"Don't leave before you leave".

That about sums it up. Enjoy the rest of your most amazing trip to Paris.


Anonymous said...

Hello Mim!!! Beanie here - we got a wonderful envelope from you yesterday stuffed to the gills with Paris bits!!! Thank you so much!! They're perfect!

Anonymous said...

Hello Mim!!! Beanie here - we got a wonderful envelope from you yesterday stuffed to the gills with Paris bits!!! Thank you so much!! They're perfect!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mim. I love the tiny landscapes and see a real progression! So great, this Paris trip, huh? Have fun at the Open Studio gathering. xo, bb

Azurafae said...

I bought two of those tiny canvases and easels here at Michaels. $5 total for both. Alex used one for my dad. Have to figure out a plan for the other one.