Friday, February 03, 2012

Some Vues & some mail art

 The sky is very clear today, not a cloud in sight. It's now 18F/-8C so it's quite crisp out there. I'm layering up to go out to La Poste.

Here's a my view as we walked to the movie theatre the other night. That's the Pantheon in the near distance. The green plus sign is a pharmacie.
 Yesterday, we went to have a meeting with a special person. She lives near Parc Royal and this is a vue of the corner of the park. See the yellow mail box? They're everywhere. Yay!
 This is the view of Madame Bs courtyard looking outward to the street. The building is a 19th century one that has had some modernization, like an elevator, though the original staircase is still there as is the mural going up the wall.
 After our visit with Mme B, and having delicious Champagne, the real thing, we went to the Swedish Cultural Institute for a bite to eat. This woman was sitting by herself reading. The place looks quite empty but it wasn't. I like it when I can get an image that isn't quite what was in reality.
 Here's today's mail art - I didn't like anything on the substrate, an exhibit card, except the face, so I finally figured out what to do about that. I made a hole for it in the pink paper.
Since I liked the results of the hold, I decided to do the same thing with this card, though show a bit more of the substrate. This is card #827.

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Margie said...

Ooh, like this idea! These mail art cards rock! Btw, did you design your cute gravtar? I love it!!