Tuesday, February 07, 2012

update Paris!

 Here's another photo from Sunday, when the snow fell lightly for 2 hours, then was gone within another 2. Brief but pretty from the window. I stayed in all of Sunday and felt very good about that.
 Yesterday, was so gray, but the temperature was higher, all of 28F. We decided that we'd take a long walk. And we did.
 We went to the post office (of course) and then off to see if the Brancusi Studio was open. Turned out we were way too early so we looked around the area and spotted this DIY store. Two floors full of hardware, lighting, plumbing, house goods, so amazing to see so much well designed stuff and to think that Parisians do so much themselves in the way of fixing up.
 This shows a small portion of the wall paper section. Yes, folks, that is WALL PAPER! They have it printed in all sorts of patterns, too, like wood and stone and Toile fabric, and more. Amazing. Okay, we're like hardware and DIY store junkies.
I spoke to an employee and he said this was a small one. They have ones with 3 or more stories in other places. They're all over the world but not the U.S.
 We went into the other Mona Lisait, the one on St. Martin. I got more Mona postcards for my project and some magazines to cut apart. They have excellent sales on books, oh so tempting.
 C suggested that we stop at Au Trappiste for my moule frites and we did. Excellent. The special is the moule in the basic liquid, frites and a small glass of Stella Artois. C had roast chicken and frites, of course. After lunch, we crossed to Ile de la Cite and saw a very good exhibit at the Conciergerie. I'll post some photos of it soon.  Off to French class!
Here's some mail art I did yesterday. It's an altered photo. I hope the photographer won't be too upset with me. Thanks, Juli, for the cards.

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wallpaper heaven, that's all I can say! xo, bb