Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mail Art

 I haven't touched Tiny Town for two months, though I'd taken a few of the postcards with me to Paris. Somehow, I just didn't find the right images. Today, I went through some of my scraps and rediscovered this head. It's Greek or Roman, I'm thinking the latter. It fit perfectly on the street. Here's what I wrote on the back - "After an absence of any odd phenomena for 2 months, Tiny Town residents awoke to find a monument to an unknown ancient world woman on Main St. They were amazed and annoyed."

 My friend Katerina in Thessaloniki, Greece, sent my honey and I wonderful painted CDs. We had them on display in the atelier and brought them home with us. I decided I wanted to try some CD art, too, and got one in the mail as an advertisement for something, on Saturday. Here's what I did with it.
 This is the address side. I took a clue from my friend Dean, and didn't include a return address. He said that way the postal service had to deal with it. I hope he's right and this gets to it's recipient.  Notice the new USA international stamp ($1.05)
 This arrived from Katerina, on Saturday. It's her #800. She's catching up to me. I'm going to stop numbering at 1000, I think. I only started numbering when I started my 365 project. I wonder what number I'd be on if I'd started with the first piece of mail art that I ever sent?
I got this Loring Art calendar in Bilbao, Spain, at the Museo de Bellas Artes. It's so cool that it's a DIY mail art calendar. The producer asks people to send in mail art and they'll have an exhibit at the end of the year. woo hoo, great idea!

Also, a head's up - I'll be hosting a Slow Art day on 28 April, here in Richmond, VA, more to come about this.
AND there'll be another Skull Appreciation Day mail art call coming up for the 2nd annual S.A.D. Stay tuned for details.

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