Friday, March 02, 2012

Mail Art and Art Exhitibtion

 This is #866, which I created using a piece of a cardboard box, which had a cut out of a leaf. I put an image of a painting behind it. Just doing some random mail art this week, cause I'm still a bit tired from travel.
 This is #867, which turned out sort of unfocused but had a strong directional and spatial feeling. At least the word "Good" is there to put a positive spin on it.
 Last night was the preview opening of my honey's art exhibit at Ghostprint Gallery. This has been in the works for many months before we left for Paris, and he did lots of long distance connecting with his wonderful "team" of friends who were busy putting things together in Richmond. The past week has been a frenzy of activity to install the work, which paid off. The work looks excellent!
 I managed to get a few photos before the crowds got too big. Here are a couple of the boxes of "evidence."
Here are a couple of the large photos. I'll take some more photos during the opening tonight and during the week, or maybe someone else will share a really good photo that I can post here.

The big surprise of the evening, midway through, our cousins appeared! The surprise - they flew in from 3000 miles away! It was like our brains couldn't grasp it. Everyone said that they wished they had a photo of our faces. What a lovely surprise.

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