Saturday, March 24, 2012

A rainy day in the studio

 Nothing like a rainy day to keep me indoors, so I cleaned off my work table a bit, organized the pens, pencils, papers, etc. and felt so energized that I made some mail art.

In #875, I used old French receipts given to me by a friend, and some old Paris map bits.
 #876 is another with the old paper bits. It feels terrific getting back to this play. I don't know where these will go yet but I've received so much mail over the past few months that I need to start reciprocating.
 While organizing, I decided to test all of my old Sharpie pens to see if they were still working. The test pieces was so happy looking that I decided it would make a nice piece of Mail Art for someone.  It's #877.
 The week before last, I went to picnic on the lawn of the State Capitol building. The weather was so perfect. Look at the beatiful sky! Our Capitol is famous because it was designed by Thomas Jefferson after the Maison Carre in Nimes, France. The side wings were added later. There is a terrific free tour of the building, which I recommend.
 My daily practice continues. I've moved ahead in the Hanon book and have added some short classical pieces.
I spotted this fabulous purple, sort of periwinkle color, gate around the corner. It'd been repainted while we were away and looks really good. Thanks, neighbors, for the visual treat!

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Margie said...

You ALWAYS inspire me dear Mim! Love that shot with the purple gate.