Friday, March 16, 2012

Good news to report!

 I'm very excited to report that my CD collage, the one that I was seen putting into the post box, arrived safely in Thessaloniki, Greece after a 2 week journey. Yay for the postal services of both countries. Yay!

This is card #870. I'm going to start on Tiny Town again, using the last of the cards slowly as I'll be so sad to see the series end. This one is about Phoebe checking to see if there was anything new on Main St.

The yard looked like wonderful with the pink blossoms all over it. It smelled so sweet, too.

Now the tree is almost bare of flowers, leaves are poking out, the yard has been swept up three times, as the leaves get slippery and start smelling less than pleasant. BUT oh how pretty when the petals fill the yard at first.

 Here's the pie we had for Pi day. I was going to make a lemon pie as Monkey had posted a delicious sounding one, however, I needed to go out for lemons, and I needed to finish a piece of art work. So Papa made the pie and my honey picked it up, and I stayed up until 2 a.m. finished the art work. whew!
Here's a "tile" that I created for a project for a library/s in Florida. My friend Juli sent me the blank. I was so busy turning the tile around looking at it that I ended up working on it with the music upside down!!! I wonder if some eagle-eyed person will notice that.

Monday, I'm taking the train to D.C; a meet-up with someone I've been corresponding with for 10 years and another visit to the National Postal Museum. I think I'll make some mail art while I'm there.


Anonymous said...

oh, a nice journey to the postal museum! Pie & I were at the P.O. the other day & purchased one-centers which, for whatever reason, have been difficult to come by. They're the Tiffany lamp ones. Cheers to a nice visit with your friend and happy travels!
Do they sell stamps at the museum?
xo, bb

Margie said...

Again, do you ever stop woman? Enjoy!!!

Limner said...

You are something else! :) I dream of visiting the Postal Museum.

chris said...

I'll miss Tiny Town when you finish your visits there!