Thursday, March 29, 2012

More round mail art and the back garden

"...bright and sunny..."
 Thanks to my friend BeeBee, who sent me some CDs to play with, I'm able to continue my round mail art series.

I tried some big images and I think they work nicely on these. Looming!
"...and a moment later..."

Go roundies go, roll off to your destination. These are being sent to people in the U.S.A. Wish them luck!
Re-working the back garden area. With the help of someone to do the work, and discuss my ideas with me, namely our friend S, I'm getting a garden that I like. This shows the stone path in place. Not done yet. Path to be changed up a bit, pencil trees have been moved, pines in back have been removed. It's getting more to my taste. Wilder looking, less formal. I like it already.


spopod said...

Love your round series, miss seeing your post on 365. Laura P.

Margie said...

Can't wait to see it finished just the way you want it!

Anonymous said...

so glad the CDs are working nicely for your round mail art projects and thanks for your acknowledgment! xo, BeeBee/bb/BB/BeBe.
There. Maybe the last one's the best. Be. Be. Get it?