Sunday, April 01, 2012

A weekend in the dark!

 This weekend was the 20th annual French Film Festival. We spend a part of each day in the dark watching shorts and feature length films. The films are shown at a historic movie palace, the kind with a chandelier hanging down from the ceiling and a balcony. The seats are so uncomfortable, and many people bring pillows to sit on. People also pack lunches and dinners. We saw some terrific films and it was nice to meet the film makers, and for me, to speak a bit of French again. Go HERE to see more about one of the shorts that I liked a lot.

 I managed to keep up my practice during breaks from movie watching. Fortunately, we live only a 10 minutes walk from the movie palace (The Byrd.) Do you know this piece of music?
 Here are some lovely irises that we saw on one of our walks home. Everything is blooming early. Someone told us that irises are a month early. Wow!
 Well, that time of year is coming up again. The 2nd annual Skull appreciation event. There'll be another mail art call and you are invited to participate. Click HERE to get the details. I do hope you'll send something. If you haven't made mail art before, do for this event. It's free, there's no jury, and your work will be on display at the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia!
Now that the work is on display on the 1708 Gallery on-line, I can post it here. This is the collage that I just completed for the 1708 Gallery exhibit and fundraising auction this year. It's 18" x 24" (45cm x 60cm appx) and is made from torn paper topo maps and thread. It's framed in a simple black frame. I hope it's well received.


Margie said...

I surely could see you and Chuck at the film festival! That is quite a difficult piano piece my dear. Is there anything you don't do??? You are amazing my dear. xx

mim said...

It IS difficult. It's Chopin. I play it slowly measure by measure. The Hanon finger exercises are helping my fingers become stronger. I won't be playing in any concert, ever!