Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cat & Hat

 I took a break from preparing for my Mail Art talk on Tuesday because it was so nice outdoors. I took my iced coffee and a book out into the back yard/garden. Surprise, my neighbors' cat, Groucho, joined me. What fun. it was hard to snap this photo with my phone as he kept rolling around for better attention from me.
 I went in the house for a bit, then came out again to sit on the bench and read, when I spotted Groucho making himself at home on the lounge chair. I wonder if he'll be a regular visitor now that he has discovered how much attention he'll get.  I forgot how nice it is to have a little furry companion around.
I forgot to share this memorable hat from the Easter Parade last week. The owner had come into our friends' home for a break and set this down. It's quite huge!   I didn't get any good photos of the strolling this year; so just image how colorful and exciting it was, based on this hat.

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Mary Has Sound said...

best post ever! kitties and colorful humongous head wear? yes.