Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Update, finally

 I'm back to make Mail Art using old French receipts and old maps of Paris. This doesn't show up so well because of the white background, oops! I'm up to #900 in my production since Dec. 2010. I'll keep going to 1000, then maybe I'll start over at #1.
 Here is that gorgeous view from the deck at VMFA. This is actually 2 trees but they make such a beautiful shape together, don't they. We've been so fortunate to have many days already when we can sit outdoors.
 My neighbor, Kris, loves purple, and plants purple flowers for all of us to enjoy.
 Look, I got an Easter greeting in Greek! I love those eggs, don't you. Such beautiful color and design. Happy belated Easter, happy current Passover, and happy Eastern Orthodox Easter coming up, to all who have or are or will be celebrating. Whew!
Here's  snippet from a piece of Mail Art that I sent out recently. It's representing the fact that I'm still doing my daily piano practice. I can feel my fingers getting stronger as the days go by. What will I do while I'm not near a piano? When I'm on a trip? Any ideas for me?


Margie said...

Hello Mim! Sure would love to hear you play! Maybe Chuck can record you on video or something. always love seeing what you are up to. Xx

Anke Martin said...

MIM! 900!!!! Wow!!!! This is for sure a huge number. Congratulations!!!!
Well, since we have some sort of flu virus in the house and I am all weak, I have time to surf some more, so off to check out your latest posts, smiles, Anke :)