Friday, March 23, 2012

End of the week!

 This is one of the pieces of mail art that I took with me on Monday to mail from the Postal Museum. I was playing around with oil sticks. I don't know that this ever dried properly and I hope it made it through the system without gumming up the machine.
 The National Postal Museum. What a treat to see it again.
 This is one of many views of the Jefferson Monument with Cherry Blossoms around it. The sun had finally appeared from behind the clouds and briefly lit up the dome.
 Juli took this photo of me, deep at work on the display table, making mail art.
 It was a very busy week between the D.C. visit and today. Among other things, on Tuesday we went to VMFA with friends for lunch,  and to look at the statues of The Mourners again. So beautiful.  

This morning, I walked to the Science Museum for Spanish Meet-up and on the way back took photos of flowers. Everything is in bloom, or about to bloom. Do you know what this plant is? I don't. It's a bush. The flowers are so pretty.
 This iris is growing against my neighbors fence. Childhood memories are full of irises, because I'd take them from neighborhood yards and bring them home to my mother, to her delight and chagrin. I knew she loved that flower, but she disliked me taking them from the neighbors yards.
Some brilliantly colored tulips.

 I haven't made much mail art this week, as I've piled my table full of papers, including goodies from the Postal Museum. (my excuse, weak as it is, cause you know I make M.A. anywhere.) This weekend, I'll neaten things up and get busy. 

I have continued, however, with my daily piano practice. 


Margie said...

Couple of things come to mind dear Mim about this post. First of all, you being at a postal museum has to be an almost religious experience. And, I LOVE that photo of you being your creative self, lost in what you were doing. Cheers!

Mary Has Sound said...

So was it an organized meeting of people to come together and make mail art? Do they have them often? I'd love to go to one.

Found art blog said...

Well, just so's you know, there's some more mail art goodies on its' way to you!!!