Sunday, February 12, 2012

Art (supplies, galleries, mail)

 Yesterday, we took a long walk up Beaumarchais to Roger & Plé, the big art supply store. It's mind boggling to have 4 floors of art supplies. Here's a view of the racks of colorful Canson papers. Everything you can imagine is there (except they didn't have 9B water soluble graphite!) We got some supplies, who could resist.
 And look, real artist smocks! No, I didn't get one, but aren't they great?  

After this heady experience, we headed back via a shorter route, over to rue de Turenne. We "discovered" many art galleries along the way and stopped into them, warming up, and seeing artists we were unfamiliar with. When we get ready to pack up in less than two weeks, we'll have to deal with all of the paper items we picked up at the galleries, or fill another suitcase!
 Gallery Pellotin has two parts to it. This exhibit was in the second part across a no outlet road that we came to via a tiny door. These snakes were made our of fabric and had stitching and/or beads on them.
 Here's the tiny door we exited from one part of the gallery to another. Until we exited and looked back, we didn't realize how tiny it was.
 Here's a lovely old building on rue de Turenne. This is the area near Republique for those of you wondering. The sky was so clear, not a cloud in sight, deep blue, and deeply chilly due to the wind.
 This is card #845, I think.  Oh this performer should only know what I'm doing to her.
We walked past the little theatre and I picked up a few more cards. This perfomer looked interesting. If we understood French better, we'd check out the performance.


Found art blog said...

Oh what fun!!! I love your little travels around Paris!!!
I hope you get to visit one of the Laduree shops before you come home. (and treat yourself to a take away box of their macarons too!)

Margie said...

Be still my supplies!!!!! LOVE!!!

PamelaArtsinSF said...

What? You didn't get a smock??? How could you resist?

Limner said...

Wow! Am I happy I checked out your blog! I knew you had to be someone special 'cause the card is so over my way. Thank you X 100. It reminds me of my first Korean opera. LOL! Don't even know the name of it but I loved it. I am crazy for your card. I appreciate you gracing me with such a gift.

My daughter loves Paris. She goes every chance she gets. I hope she will buy me one of those artists's smocks next time she goes. You should see what I use. LOL. You have made me quite happy. Hope you have the best time.

Psstt. I would buy that smock if I were you, and if I were there. :)