Monday, August 01, 2011

Wow, Monday already! Duckie, Mail Art and More.

 This morning the pool was calm and Duckie was all alone in the deep end. So nice, less humidity, warm water in the pool making the emerging feel as if the air was chilly. Ah, nice.
This gal went off in the mail on Saturday. The image is of a dancer from the 1930s, photo taken by Lotte Jacobi.
 These chairs are outside of the yogurt shop nearby, fortunately not so nearby that I can walk there every night, which would be tempting.
Even though it was humid, I decided to take my breakfast outdoors on Saturday morning. It's like another house out there. I really like it a lot since we've had it re-done.


phonelady said...

What a relaxing place you have out back must be really nice to sit out there at night and enjoy the stars .

mim said...

I would enjoy the stars, but for our large tree in the center of the yard.