Sunday, August 14, 2011

Post Festival resport and some mail art, of course.

 Here I am, at my table. I got a good spot partially under a tree, which was helpful when it started to drizzle (twice.) I had my four baskets full of stuff, including one with my wool mitts. I wasn't sure that was a good idea on a hot day, but I sold one of the really nice ones made from Japanese yarn (a silk mixture.) I'd brought with a plastic cloth and when the drizzle started I put the display board against the tree trunk and three the cloth over the table. It worked well. I did about the same in sales as I did the previous year, when there was no rain, so I'm quite pleased. And I was, also, QUITE tired. We packed up at 5h15 and went for some dinner but I could barely eat, got home, unpacked the car, brought stuff to my studio, then crashed into bed, fully clothed. I slept for 5 hours, woke and had some tea, read a bit, did the accounting for the sale, then back to bed for another 6 hours. Today, I'm just chilling. Tomorrow, I'll start to post some things in my Etsy shop.

 Here's a photo of the street, looking towards the band area. The band was good, and loud. Note the guy doing a headstand in front of them.
 This is from Friday's time at the pool. Ducky was hanging out by the "cave." 

 I recycled the front of one of my birthday cards. It's one of those very detailed illustrations of a French shop. I was happy to find this gal (from a painting) to alter it with, and give it a French title. I'm sending it to the person who gave me the card. She speaks French. The title: "Quand Suzette a rendu visite à sa mère, elle lui a toujours apporté quelque chose spéciale du Cremerie."
This is today's card.

My fatigue from yesterday prevented me from doing anything that required much thinking or a catchy title. This one is called: "Void-Filled."


phonelady said...

Im so glad you went .How did you do on the potes ? I was just curious cause I think I might be living vicarously through you LOL !!! I hope you did good on sales .

mabb said...

Lovely picture of you at your table - radiant smile! Congrats on doing all of that, and your sales. That crashing on the bed, fully-clothed: oh,yes, I am quite familiar with that technique, after a day spent outside, loading, unloading, etc.! LOL...

PamelaArtsinSF said...

Looks like fun, Mim!

Margie said...

Love this post! Especially the title! You crack me up. Great pic of you at the table. Glad you felt you did well sale wise. It always seems like a ton of work for the vendors that do the art and craft fairs. Exhausting I would think. Go MIM! I still want to be like you when I grow up!