Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Mail art and more

 I altered a couple more of my NYC souvenir cards. This is Frank Sinatra, circa 1965. Notice the cigarette. I thought it was funny having him looking up at New York, where, if he were around, he'd find no where to smoke!
 I really wanted to find an image of something flying, but balloons would have to suffice. This image is from 1965, notice the camera.
 I received this card, with real olive tree leaves on it, from my friend Katerina, in Thessaloniki. She's got it pre-dated, as part of her 365 project. Very Greek lovely!
Yesterday, a friend stopped by and I showed her the new bags that I'd made. She fell hard for this one and a matching small one (Pocket.) We talked about my name dilemma: What to call these because they are more than a tote, in my mind. She liked Pote but then thought Tope sounded better. What do you think? Tope? In any case, she bought this item and a matching small one. This is unique as I have no more of this fabric. I'm going to make a couple more tope/potes before I stop the sewing part of this endeavor. 
As a post script, I've been glued to reports from London, where my friends are okay, but the devastation is unreal.


PamelaArtsinSF said...

Personally, I like "tote" myself...I wouldn't know what the other names meant. But I would certainly like to have one! And I love "pocket".
Love those altered NYC postcards -- very cool.
Have you heard from Andy and Elena? Poor Londoners....

Margie said...

Love the mail from your friend in Greece! And Frank! And your new large tote, pote, tope...aah!

phonelady said...

Why not tope-potes ? I love that . You are awesome MIM !!! You see if you call them tope -potes then that is a conversation starter when people ask you how you came up with the name LOL :).

Cottage and Broome said...

How about tope-totes? Love the tope no wonder your friend wanted one. Thanks for stopping by our blog, it is always worrisome having daughters in NYC. Safe and happy is my motto. Again liked the Frankie post. Mom from the Cottage (spopod at 365).