Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hot Saturday!

 We awoke this morning to the news that the air quality was ORANGE ALERT, which is not good. The fire is still burning in the Great Dismal Swamp and the wind blows this way. 

Aaagh, I decided to stay indoors and make mail art and work on my Etsy shop.
 This is one of the Pockets (small purse) that I made for the festival. I decided to scan it and see how that turned out. I took photos of some of the pieces to post in my Etsy shop but I do like the way the scanned piece looks. I didn't have anyone to model a bag for me, wish I did. I think that shows how cool they look on the body.  I'll get one of my friends over one cooler day to model.
 More of my minimal mail art; old paper, circle and line.
 I'm finally making use of the brush tip ink pen that I got awhile back.
 This morning, I used some of the tracing paper that I'd been practicing line work on, as collage bits.
 I like the way these turned out. The transparency works great with the old paper and circles.
Friday, I brought a basket of my bags to my Spanish meet-up at the Science Museum coffee shop. One of my amigas wanted a bag but didn't have cash the day of the festival, so I brought that for her. Another amiga asked if my little Purse for Change could hold a passport. We thought it was too small but she bought one, then later sent an e-mail to say that it fit. Wow, now I can tell people they can be used as passport keepers. Cool!


phonelady said...

Yeah another fantastic use for the pockets and potes !!! You are an amazing woman Mim !!! So creative you are and i hope you get better air quality .

mad said...

I am totally loving your minimal work. Did you ever get my postcard!
mad madge