Sunday, August 07, 2011

Optimism, mail art, and the duck

 I'm thinking that we all need a bit of this these days. I'm avoiding the news, since there's not much I can do about any of the grim events taking place (though I do what I can when I can) and spending lots of time in my studio making mail art and items for my booth at the Jonny Z Fest next Saturday. I keep this Metro Pass in front of me. It's a reminder to me that life is a flow, that everything changes, and that, for me, optimism is necessary and important.
 I made three cards in different styles yesterday. This is day #249 of my 365 days of Mail Art, though this card is actually #400 and something. I made it to send to Reed Altemus as a thank you for sending me a Hannah Hoch Fan Club rubber stamp. How cool is that? I'm a real fan of her work so it's a treat to be in her fan club.
 I made this card as a thank you for someone who organized an ATC trade. I haven't made any of these tiny art works in a couple of years, but still have some to trade so I participated. I got three in return to add to my collection.
 This card is for my mail art friend Val, who lives in the south of France. He comes up with really fun things for us to do. This one is my application for standing as an "IUOMA Advanced Mail Artist." I hope I pass the examination.
 The pool was very still this morning.  I couldn't see Duckie? Where is he?
Ah, here's Duckie, at the far end, in the shade. The water was only 84F today, which was cool compared to the air temperature so it felt very refreshing.

Now, as soon as I finish posting to my mail art blog, I'll get back to sewing.


phonelady said...

These days it seems as though you are at the sewing machine alot . Keep on , keepin on .

PamelaArtsinSF said...

Yes, I agree, Mim -- we need more optimism (and I can hardly stand to read the news.) Certainly spending time on art helps. Loved those last cards you posted but then I love just about all your cards. Keep cool!