Monday, August 15, 2011

Mail art, of course, bean spread and more

 Just a bit of atmosphere on this cloudy day. I took this photo last week. I really like how it looks like a painting or a pastel piece.
 This is today's mail art for my 365 project. I'm using a substrate of pieces cut from the cover of a pad of water color paper. It was such a nice weight that I couldn't just toss it into the recycle bin. It required very little added to it. Title: "Void-Filled #2" and it's being sent far away.
I decided that I needed something made with beans, since I know they are very good for us and have lots of protein and fibre. I put the recipe here.
I spread it on a thinly sliced whole wheat bun, added some spicy mustard and some havarti cheese. YUM! Just what I wanted for lunch.

Now, off to the post office to mail all of the mail art I made this weekend, and to the bank to deposit my earnings from the Jonny Z Festival. A generally relaxing day since I'm not doing marathon sewing.


phonelady said...

Marathon sewing now that is a concept I could really get into . I m so glad you have enough to deposit from the Johnny Z fest . Im glad it went well .

PamelaArtsinSF said...

Thanks for the postcard, Mim! Loved it -- mais oui...