Monday, August 29, 2011

More post hurricane and mail art

 By the time we took our walk on Sunday, the tree that had fallen on our side street, had been cut up and stacked. (View looking toward Davis St. from our alley.)
 Another photo from the kitchen window while the wind was blowing and the rain falling. The gate between the two houses was blown over and the roof on our neighbor's storage shed (red shape on left) was caved in.
 This tree lost a big limb which landed in the street, hanging by a thin strip of bark. (On Floyd by Strawberry St.)
 Lots of police tape everywhere.
 Late last night, after all the excitement post hurricane, and lots of cooking an eating en famille, and the book club meeting at my house (cause we had power) I went into my studio and altered a landscape card. There are Renoir's dancers on a lily pad.
I made this alteration this morning. The figures are from a 1965 magazine. Very fashionable ladies, taking the short cut route to town, through the lake! ha ha ha. I'm amusing myself with these alterations.


phonelady said...

Im so glad you all are okay and yes you have power . I hope things get back to normal soon .

PamelaArtsinSF said...

Agree with phonelady -- glad you are OK and there wasn't too much damage. Love the mail art - bien sur!

Margie said...

Sometimes I crack myself up too! Love those.

Found art blog said...

Y'know, I'd be very tempted to liberate some of that yellow Police tape..... when safety allows of course!!!!! Hope you're all well though!