Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Today's Mail Art, more Pool time, and more

 These are today's Mail Art (#253 series) to which I gave titles from my neighbor's book about maths and graphs.
 These are a bit bolder and I'm not sure if I like their dark-ness.
 The paper is from the 1965 McCall's magazine. I think it was a Larry Poon's painting on display at the Albright-Knox museum.
 I feel that the line quality was a bit controlled. It was as if I were thinking more about it, rather than letting my hand/arm just move in the gesture. I'll keep trying with this type of card. I really do think yesterday's were more of what I'll try to achieve.
 Is this gorgeous of what?! It's the pool water. The pattern is so beautiful to me.
 Here's Duckie, lolling around, enjoying the sunlight at 8h30 a.m.
 This is a view looking down at the basket holding all of my production for the Jonny Z Festival. 63 items!
Here are the hang tags. I made them all this afternoon. The care instruction labels go on the reverse. Tomorrow, I'll put them on all of the items, and work on my display board and signs. I'm on schedule with this event. yay.


phonelady said...

What a little worker bee you are miss mim . LOL !!!

phonelady said...

Also about the potes . The name I came up with , this is what it stands for :Purse Or Tote Extrodinaire !!!! P.O.T.E .

andytgeezer said...

Ah those Fritzi tags bring back good memories Mim