Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday, cool mail art and more.

 This series is my "Sunday, oh it's so hot in my studio I have to work with cooooool colors."
 I had a good time going through the box of color paper finding ones that were cool.
 Choosing the colors to layer to best effect was fun. It's like playing!
 I gave these mathematical titles and added the ink line for action, since the coolness made activity seem possible. Otherwise, I stay still or move slowly. Yes, this is how I've come to understand the need for iced tea, a fan, and moving slowly.

Oh yes, our Air Conditioning is no longer working. We have so many windows and so little window covering, oh for awnings and shades!
 Today is day #265 of the 365 project. I made two more Tiny Town cards today to commemorate that I have only 100 more days to go.

#265 "Bernie was a body building enthusiast. The women of Tiny Town found his visits a visual treat."  This is actually a photo of Bernard Baruch, who was a physical culture adherent.

For this second card today, I used a painting of a woman by Degas, that was done while he was visiting his family in New Orleans.
The title is "Maylene envied the residents of Tiny Town and their neat streets."
I have a sense that the streets in Maylene's times, and Utrillos actually, were quite messy.
 I was able to have my morning coffee out in my garden. It was not humid, it was breezy, it was soooo pleasant.  This arrangement of potted plants is by my honey. He's quite good at this.
 I got another mini-rose bush, from Canada,  on Saturday night at the supermarket. It was only $2.99, but turned out that I got it for free. The price wouldn't scan, so the clerk told me it was free!  What a surprise treat. I had  one of these in the past and it lasted a very long time.
This is the little cat that N. and SDIL have tamed and had neutered. They already have resident cats so are looking for a home for this lap sitter, with the tuxedo suit, whose been temporarily named Benoit. Is he cute or what? I'd love to take him but we aren't ready for a new pet, yet. If you know anyone in our area (Richmond, Virginia, USA) let them know this little cutie could be theirs. He's going to a shelter in a few days. A cuddler, lap sitter! Puleeeze pass this along.


Margie said...

Love the "cool" color combos on this mail art. Very pleasing. Free works! Also, i need one of your little purse pouches in a neutral. The same size as the panda one i bought. Let me know my options. Xo

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phonelady said...

Love the art and dont know of anyone but if I hear of anyone looking for a new cat I sure will pass it along . cool colors indeed .