Monday, August 01, 2011

Mail Art update, my 243 & 244 series

 The first four cards are my minimal 3 pieces of paper (circa 1965) and a squiggle of 6B graphite pencil.
 I was very pleased with the results of these. The simplicity and calm contrasted with the squiggle, which has lots of energy and movement.

 This second set of 4 is even more minimal using only TWO pieces of the 1965 paper and then, having found our 9B graphite stick, a squiggle of that.  This graphite is water soluble so, of course, I had to see how that worked. WOW! I like that!

 Okay, this is going well. I'll explore this a bit more this week, between stints at the sewing machine.


Margie said...

I'm liking these...a lot!

phonelady said...

Good to see you are still plugging away at the sewing machine . Love the art .