Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Mail Art update post.

The Strong Product
 The first four are my #260 series that I did yesterday. They're my default style, layers of colored paper and a circle.
The No-Homomorphic Lemma
 The circles are cut from photos of closeups of things, like ferns and oil slick and mushrooms and such.

I can't remember what these were but I thought they were very cool. They give a lot of depth to these cards.
Hypercubes are Sparse
 The asemic line is 9B graphite. I sprayed the cards with Matte fixative to make them a bit water-resistant and keep the line from smudging.
The Direct Product

I entitled these with mathematics related words, which I totally don't get but were in the index of my neighbors new book.
Projeções e Camadas (Projections and Layers)

 The circles appear to have a relationship to outer space, when they're really inner space (microscopic views.)

 These last two were created this afternoon. The top circle was punched out of the top layer of paper, so we can see the lower layer color showing through. However, the illusion is that the yellow circle is on top of the brown, right? I like that effect. The asemic line was done with an ink brush pen. It's title is in Portugues because I'm sending it to Portugal.
Three Fundamental Products
The hole was punched in the top layer of paper to expose the color below. The pink-ish circle is what was removed. The line, which I really like for it's delicate-ness, was done with the ink brush pen.

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Margie said...

I really like these Mim and the ones in the recent post too! I don't know how you keep coming up with such cool ideas.