Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Pool photos, Mail Art and an idea.

 Oh the pool was lovely today, the sun was out, the water was very clear and the Duck was bobbing along.
 We are usually the only ones in the pool in the early morning, except for N. who comes over many mornings. It's like our personal pool! Lucky lucky lucky us.
Adjacency List
 I'm very excited about this series. #252. The "a" card is actually card #500, though this is only day 252 of the 365 project.
Hypercubes are Sparse
 The collage bits are torn from the 1965 McCall's magazine. The paper is nicely aged, though a bit fragile.
Breadth-First Search
 This is my favorite. It's the "a" card.  I used a bit of security envelope on it.
Vertex Transitivity
 I made action marking on them with 9B graphite and then used a brush with water over top of the marking.  I really liked the way they turned out.  The titles are taken from the chapters in a neighbor's book about mathematics.
 This is one of my newest eyeglass pockets. I was thinking about the size and I thought there might be some other uses for this sized pocket.
So, I put some pens in it and it works perfectly well. Not that lots of people carry pens and pencils around anymore, though my niece, the accounting person says that she does. Also, I know a lot of letter writers, so this might be good for them. There are probably other uses for them. I'll think on this.


Noah said...

This new batch is definitely among my favorites so far!

phonelady said...

I love the idea for the little pocket for pens . Good idea . Have a wonderful day .