Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Received things

 This came from Pucelilina who lives in Belgium. The rainbow is on carton/corrugated cardboard and is sparkly. It's quite sweet.
 Gabby sent this to me in four envelopes, arriving on different dates. I had a feeling after no.2 arrived that there'd be more, and there were.
My friend Andrea's friend, whom I'd corresponded with many, many years ago, reconnected and sent me a BIG bag of men's ties. She's used them to make things. I'm not sure what I can make from them or perhaps will share them with a maker of tie things. Hmmm. I wish you could smell how lovely these ties smell - they were washed in some nicely fragrant soap. I opened the packet and thought, hmmm, freshly dried laundry!

Okay, enough of a break, back to sewing.


Margie said...

How fun to get surprises in the mail!

Barbara said...

if those ties were mine, I think I'd make a pillow cover!
xo, bb

Found art blog said...

Lesa told me she was about to donate those ties to charity shops..... and I suggested she ask you first before the car journey into town!! Glad they made it!