Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cool water and Mail art

 We went to the pool early this morning and oh boy the water was sooo chilly, but it felt good to be doing water exercise.  Afterwards, I "chilled out" for a bit to read. I'm really engrossed in the bookclub book for this month. At Home by Bill Bryson. SO informative. I highly recommend it. But then, all of his books are so filled with facts.
 The cool water was rippled by the movement of the breeze. No one was in the water, just the gentle wind making it move. Pretty, right?
 Here's another card that I did using the cut up cover of a pad of water color paper. So little needed to make it a compostition.
For today's mail art, I used paper on which I'd printed that atmospheric photo from yesterday's post. It turned out too big, and too dark, BUT it worked just fine when I cut it up. Part is the background and part the piece with the circles. I like the way it turned out. Very spatial and somewhat ambiguous. I'm sending this to Spain for a mail art fundraiser for Multiple Sclerosis research. I hope it gets through the mail unscathed.


phonelady said...

Yeah nice pool . I love the pcs and your art work . It is all so nice .

joemmama said...

Love the toenails..the pool is so inviting! You won't believe it, but I broke my OTHER shoulder last week. My daughter is making me a bubble wrap suit!