Monday, August 29, 2011

About the hurricane and mail art

 I got a book of Landscapes of Canada postcards from my friend in Ontario. I'm having a challenging fun time altering these cards. I made this one on Friday, with the hurricane on it's way.
 I made George in the lake during the power outage while it was still daylight, so I could snap this photo with my cell phone and send it on to the MailArt365 blog.
 Here's my bounty of potatoes from our CSA, garlic and basil from the farm in Maryland where M worked for a few days with her friends. We're all set for some good eating.  We have a gas stove and oven so cooking food was possible even with the power out.
 The wind was blowing when I took this photo through our kitchen window. The little tree to the left was waving like crazy! The leaves layered the patio like a carpet of green. When it was all over, my honey filled 7 big bags with them.
 Yesterday, we took a walk in the neighborhood. The old tree in Paradise Park had fallen over missing the houses and a car. The only thing, it appeared, was some damage to a wood fence.
 A closer look at the fallen tree.

A tree had landed on this house. The odd thing was that trees mainly fell across streets.

 This is our kitchen on Saturday while the power was out. We were the lucky ones that we were without power during daylight hours. It came back on at 5 p.m. Many, many people are still without power, including N & J. Their food is in our refrigerator and freezer, so we've been taking meals together. Nice. 
The paper lanterns melted and unraveled in the storm. We wondered at first what those thin strings were at first. Aaagh, the lanterns. Needless to say, my honey removed the remains while cleaning up the leaves.  The nice thing about the storm, people calling each other to find out if they were okay, and afterwards people coming out in the neighborhood to see what had happened and hanging out and chatting.


phonelady said...

Oh yes nothing like the aftermath of a hurricane to bring folks together LOL !!! I know I m being corny this morning . I cannot help myself .

mim said...

I know, we get so communal after any disaster, which on one hand is lovely but on the other, it's like why don't we do this all the time, get friendlier with the neighbors?

PamelaArtsinSF said...

After the big earthquake in SF in '89 people were incredibly nice and kind to each other but those days are ling gone. Sad to think it takes a natural disaster to get people to be kind.

mim said...

I remember the '89 earthquake because my cousin's story was that as she was hiding under her desk at work, she was grateful she was wearing her new expensive boots which she'd been saving in her closet for 2 weeks and her honey said "wear your boots" and she was glad she got to wear them on what she thought was her final day! Who could forget that story, right? She wore those boots out eventually.