Sunday, August 07, 2011

My #250 series, the JonnyZFest & a new purse/tote

Playing in the waves?
I'm really enjoying using my 9B graphite stick. I worked on a large sheet of watercolor paper again, then went over the lines with a brush and water. The color circles are from old silk screen colored paper. I wanted a feeling of the sun today and when I was finished, I felt like the sun was up, or in one case, coming out from some clouds,  and it all felt like playing in the waves.

More playing in the waves

 These cards are all being sent out to new members of the International Union of Mail Artists Hopefully, they'll all be happily surprised to find then in their mail boxes all around the world.
 This is the postcard that came last week, announcing the JonnyZ Festival, which I'll be participating in, vending my sewn creations. My Etsy shop, Fritzi, has only four items in it, but my house has LOTS in preparation for the festival.
This is one of the new bags I've made. It's roughly 15" x 15" (38 x 38 cm) with straps that go over the shoulder.  The fabric is a really sturdy Ikea cotton dated 2005. A big red acrylic button is the closure. These new bags have a small pocket inside for a cell phone or your keys. They're an upgrade of my totes, in that I've added the pocket and a strap closure. I'd like a new name for these, cause they're more than a tote, but not quite a purse. Hopefully, I'll come up with something soon. I plan to start working on my display and signage on Wednesday. Any ideas? I'll take suggestions.


phonelady said...

Okay you may not like this name for those but it was the first thing that came to my mind . What about a pote . Not quite a purse nor a tote thus pote . Or maybe MIM's pouches ? just a thought . anyway that is all I can come up with this am . Good luck I love them .

mim said...

Pote! I kinda like that. "The Pote, when you need a tote that's almost a purse!" Could work. Thanks.

Margie said...

I LOVE these cards Mim! They are exceptionally striking. I am liking pote too!

mim said...

What about Tope instead of Pote, just because of the sound of it. Say it out loud and see which sounds better. Thanks. This is helpful to me.

andytgeezer said...

I love the shadow effect beneath the pencil lines. It's a really brilliant line style