Sunday, August 07, 2011

Mail Art update and the BIRDS!!

 On Friday, I did a series of altered postcards using some of the cars that I got in NYC in July.  It was quite fun to find the right image to go with the Statue of Liberty.  In this one, I used the little French character, Bécassine. This fit with the S.o.L. coming to the U.S. from France.
 This little boy's expression made me think of what my father's face must have been like when he first saw the Statue of Liberty as the ship bringing him to American pulled into harbor.
 Here's Bécassine sitting in the arms of the S.o.L.
 This just made me smile. The giant woman standing in the water looking at the S.o.L. which is dwarfed by her.
 Tonight, friends invited us to join them down in Shockoe Bottom to watch the Purple Martins come to roost.  They appeared in swarms high above us in the sky. You can see them in this photo if you zoom in on it.
They would be swarm and then suddenly a group would swoop down and land in the Bradford pear trees that line the parking lot by the Farmers' Market. Group after group did this until the trees were filled with the birds. What a lot of noise they made. Crowds of people came down to see them. It was very festive. They've been here a few days and will possibly be here a few days more before continuing to South America. This was very exciting and I'm amazing that my old-school cell'phone caught this so well.


phonelady said...

That is so awesome and I never get tired of seeing birds LOL !!!!

Margie said...

These are great cards Mim and the bird thing, wow! Enjoy your Sunday my friend!